Since 2003 the Lesław A. Paga Foundation enables young leaders to excel their potentials by actively contributing to the shape of the region’s future. The foundation aims at creating a network of highly ambitious students and young professionals who not only seek to advance in their professional lives, but also want to make an impact in their immediate environment, as well as society at large.

Our project focus on:

  • capital market (Capital Market Leaders Academy, CEE Capital Market Leaders Forum),
  • energetics (Energy Academy; New Energy Forum)
  • healthcare (Healthcare Leaders),
  • technology and innovations (Young Innovators, IT Academy)
  • businsess skills development (Businesswomen Leaders Academy)
  • scolarships ( Indeks Start2Star, Leslaw A. Paga Scholarship)

The Alumni of the Foundation have a unique chance to learn from the best experts and gain practical experience in more than 150 partner companies. Currently, there are over 3 000 Alumni who support each other not only professionally, but also on the private ground. Our tradition are leadership evenings - meetings with the greatest experts from Poland and the region organized monthly in a noformal way.

It is also our mission to promote the highest ethical standards and culture among entrepreneurs. This is why every year we grant the Lesław A. Paga award to businessmen, activists and institutions. This honorary distinction constitutes a commemoration of our Patron’s work. In previous years, the winners were: Krzysztof Lis, Leszek Czarnecki, Leszek Balcerowicz, Igor Chalupec, Joseph Wancer, Janusz Lewandowski, prof. Grzegorz Domanski, Zygmunt Solorz-Zak, prof. Marek Belka, Jacek Siwicki and Hebert Wirth.

Our vision of promoting the highest ethical standards is not limited to professionals and students. We give secondary schools students the opportunity to participate in the Stock Market Game (SIGG) and those who finish their secondary education can apply for the Indeks Start2Star Scholarship awarded during the whole period of studies.

Apart from our regular projects, we organize conferences, workshops and lectures whose speakers are the best specialists of the Polish and European markets.


Lesław A. Paga (24.09.1954 – 02.07.2003)

Lesław A. Paga was one of the forefathers of the capital market in Poland. As an expert in macroeconomics, ownership transformation and capital market sector, he co-created the Polish Securities Trading Act, the Act on Bonds and other securities trading acts of law. He specialized in managing enterprises, strategy and restructuring. He conducted projects related to an enterprise strategic assessment, managing by values, investors’ relations and investigations concerning financial crimes.

Lesław A. Paga was respected by entrepreneurs and all political wings. After 1989 he was advisor to various prime ministers. In the face of corruption scandals in Poland and other countries, he fought for corporate governance, transparency, invitations to tender and any business activity. He was a tough negotiator devoted to his mission. Notwithstanding difficulties, he always examined problems holistically.

Lesław A. Paga was a versatile person - having graduated from science studies, he also took large an interest in humanistic field. He was fascinated with classical music, contemporary literature and theatre. He enjoyed directing. Lesław A. Paga was a creative man whose enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life influenced other people.